Streamlining Property Transactions: How to Verify Your Identity Online in Australia?

Buying or selling a property is an exciting milestone, but it can also be complex and time-consuming. Not to mention at times, overwhelming. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, completing a property transaction online has become more common in Australia. However, this process requires the Verification of Identity (VOI) to be completed to ensure that […]

Breaking Down Boundaries: A Guide to Resolving Disputes with Your Neighbours

Living in close proximity to others is a reality for many Australians, and with that comes the potential for some tricky boundary disputes.       These neighbour disputes can range from minor disagreements about overgrown shrubs to major legal battles over property lines. Resolving these disputes in a timely, efficient and civil manner is crucial to […]

Choosing the Right Property Ownership: Joint Tenancy vs Tenancy In Common


When it comes to owning property, there are two common ways of holding title: as joint tenants or tenants in common.  Both ownership options have their own advantages and drawbacks, and the choice you make will depend on your personal circumstances and preferences. Business solicitors are specifically qualified to provide you with the correct insights […]

Property Transfer in NSW: What You Need to Know

Are you planning to transfer your real estate property in NSW? And, are you wondering about the formal processes involved during the transfer? If so, you’ve just landed at the right place! This blog will discuss the essential things you need to know about real estate property transfers in NSW. Property Transfer In NSW: A […]