“When there is a Will…”

Dying without a valid Will is referred to as dying “intestate”. This can arise when there is no Will in existence, the Will is invalid or the Will is valid but does not effectively dispose of the deceased estate. The deceased estate is comprised all assets of the individual. As a rule, superannuation is not […]

Deadline for Directors: Penalties may apply

Director Identification Number Dear Company Director, I have prepared this circular email to all our clients to ensure you are aware of the ASIC requirements affecting company directors and enclose a letter from ASIC dated 20 June 2022 regarding Director Identification Number (“DIN”) Obligations. Letter from ASIC 20.06.22 Download PDF • 185KB I draw your […]

Facial Recognition Technology: What about privacy?

Three large Australian retailers are currently under fire from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (“OAIC”), Australia’s privacy watchdog, for breach of privacy laws. Bunnings, The Good Guys and Kmart have all been put on notice by the OAIC for using facial recognition technology in their stores without sufficient, or any, consent from shoppers. […]