Conveyancing Lawyers Sydney

Both residential and commercial real estate purchases require a great deal of expertise to satisfy all legal requirements on a timely basis to properly transfer title from one entity to another. As your conveyancing lawyer, we translate complicated property law into a well laid out plan that our clients can easily understand and appreciate in order to make sound business decisions. When you initiate our services at the beginning of the real estate buying process, right at the point of locating the property, we are able to begin our due diligence and handle any potential challenges or risks that may develop throughout the buying and selling process.

Reliance upon oral representations that are not reflected in the contract terms can lead to grief and possibly costly litigation as can a failure to adhere strictly to the terms of a contract.

If finance is required to assist a purchaser, this should ideally be dealt with prior to entry into a contract as does proper review of the contract and pre-purchase inquiries.

In real estate, not everything is as clear as it may appear. Leasehold, freehold and shared ownership, third party interests and mortgagee approvals all require certain legal steps to complete a real estate transaction for commercial and residential properties.

Once you find a property that you are interested in purchasing, selling or transferring contact our office before you present an offer.

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  • Review of contracts for sale of land

  • Acting for vendors and purchasers

Commercial and retail leases

  • Drafting and review of commercial and retail leases

  • Negotiating amendments to commercial and retail leases

  • Liaison with Local Court Councils, regarding zoning enquiries and development applications

  • Attendance to execute lease documents and return to lessor

  • Registration of leases

  • Obtaining mortgagees consent