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Administrative Law

Government decisions and policies are all pervasive and extend from local government to state and federal government. They are also made by quasi government bodies and statutory corporations.  These policies and decisions affect all Australians.

What happens when you as a citizen or a business are unhappy about a government policy, law or regulation.  Apart from joining a political party, voting the government out of office or seeking redress from your local member, there are often legal avenues to challenge or review such decisions and policies.

Recent examples are young people ventilating their concerns about climate change in Australian courts and in other jurisdictions around the world.

Decisions may be challenged or reviewed in state and federal administrative appeals tribunals and in the courts.

Various agencies also have their own investigative, review and decision making processes such as the Australian Information Commissioner, the Telecommunication Ombudsman, state and federal ombudsmen, internal review sections within government departments and statutory corporations.

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Administrative Law

At Sydun & Co, we help our clients deal with disputes with government departments and other administrative bodies. 

Examples of areas where we have helped our clients include:

  • student complaints involving the NSW Education Department and universities;
  • challenging or assisting in compliance with decisions by the Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Licence and permit application to Liquor and Gaming NSW relating to liquor licences and poker machine transfers;
  • prosecutions and fines imposed by Fisheries NSW; and
  • other cases of misfeasance and malfeasance by government officials.