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Employment and industrial Law

Employment and industrial relations are big news at the moment with the federal government about to introduce new laws to give workers the right to negotiate more flexible conditions and industry wide collective bargaining.

Whether you are a worker or a business, you will need advice about the changes as well as the existing workplace rights which occur from time to time.

Many workers and employers do not realise the interplay between industrial relations rights and rights under the various state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Tactically, it may be better for an employee to make a claim under discrimination legislation as costs follow the cause unlike proceedings under the Fair Work Act in which costs are rarely awarded against the losing party.

Then, there is the employment contract and internal policies and procedure as well as conducting workplace investigations in relation to claims of harassment and bullying.

Workplace safety laws are also in play in this space.  These laws are very strict and carry hefty penalties including imprisonment for breaches.

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Employment and industrial Law

At Sydun & Co, we assist workers and employers to navigate the mine field which in Employment and Industrial law.

Examples of the work we perform are:

  • making or defending unfair dismissal claims;
  • making or defending general protection claims;
  • performance management;
  • employment contracts and disputes;
  • drafting internal policies;
  • conduct of workplace investigations and acting for workers being investigated by employers;
  • workplace safety advice and acting for people and businesses being investigated or prosecuted for breaches.