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After a relationship breakdown you need clear advice, practical solutions and a way forward that doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg. That said, some people will not listen to sense and are determined to slug it out, no matter what the cost, whether financial or emotional. This is means you need to find a way to deal with an uncomfortable or possibly confrontational situation.

We can reduce your stress and make this manageable. The critical steps for you are:

  1. Do not close the door to communication. No matter how hard it is to keep your cool or remain fair minded, your best chance of confining and resolving the dispute is to keep a line of communication open to your partner/spouse.

  2. Consult us once you have decided the breakdown or relationship issue cannot be solved by you but before you take an irrevocable step (such as moving out of the matrimonial home).

  3. Once you have an understanding of your legal position, you are armed with the knowledge to make sensible decisions about your entitlement or parenting rights and hence to consider what constitutes an acceptable compromise. 

  4. This enables you to take the next step and start negotiations. Your negotiations can be direct with your partner/spouse or with the direct involvement of lawyers by your side taking into account your individual needs.

  5. If agreement can be reached, this must be embodied in writing, in an appropriate form. In absence of any agreement, litigation becomes your only option. You will need legal advice and support that you can trust as this process can stretch from six months to several years. However, you need to keep your eyes on the big picture – most (not all) litigated matters will resolve prior to hearing.​

When there are disagreements in a relationship or a marriage, couples often lose their ability to communicate with each other. If that should happen you to live in Sydney or Surry Hills and need support from a Sydney based lawyer who will both explain and advocate on your behalf in an effective fashion. There are many decisions on the breakdown of a relationship that will need to be made that could affect your income, finances, property and children. These issues may seem challenging and uncomfortable but our experienced family law solicitors have a history of satisfied clients. We have a solid reputation for helping you understand your legal position, (both your obligations and your entitlements), addressing your short term and long term needs and negotiating on your behalf with a view to achieving a resolution. In the alternative, if the matter cannot be resolved by agreement or your partner’s expectations are so unrealistic that there is no acceptable compromise, then we will act on your behalf in any disputed financial or children’s matter, in the Family Court or Federal Magistrates Court, as appropriate. 

It may be that our advice is needed at the commencement of a relationship in the form of a pre-nuptial agreement or associated estate or financial planning.

What to expect

During your first visit, we take the time to listen to you, take detailed instructions, analyse the initial case presented and develop an understanding of your needs in order to advise you on the best possible legal approach. We will handle all legal issues that arise including offering you professional advice, entering into negotiations and/or mediation as appropriate, failing which, drafting and filing of court documents and acting on your behalf in defended Court proceedings. We are client focussed, engaged but persistent in protecting your interests. 

We work with couples to a marriage, de facto and same-sex relationship who are undergoing assisted fertility procedures or contemplating surrogacy as well as children’s issues, parenting orders, binding child support agreements, spousal maintenance and property entitlement.

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Separation and divorce
  • Advising about separation, impact of short marriages/short relationships and jurisdictional issues

  • Advising on and, if required, to act on divorce applications

Children’s matters
  • Advising about parental rights and obligations on children’s matters  following separation

  • Assisting in negotiating agreements relating to children including where and with whom they live and spend time orders

  • Acting in contested proceedings relating to children

  • Advising about child support

Family Law Financial matters
  • Advising on property entitlement, settlement and disputes

  • Advising on related issues including spousal maintenance, injunctive relief, family companies, trusts or joint business operations, passport and restraining orders

  • Assisting in negotiating a property settlement

  • Acting in contested property proceedings including related issues

  • Advising and acting in equitable claims outside the family law regime

Assisted Fertility and surrogacy
  • Advice and documentation of agreements in relation to assisted fertilisation & sperm donation

  • Drafting Surrogacy Agreements and acting in any application to the Supreme Court for orders in relation to any children born as a result of that surrogacy