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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released their latest ScamWatch data for August 2022.

It shows Australians the amount are losing to scams this year is already of more than $323 million.

Despite these alarming figure do not appear to be enough to mobilise some business owners to action in order to protect their livelihood and their clients.

This year customer data loss in major corporations such as Optus and Medicare have compromised more than 4 million Australians.

The federal government is working on tougher penalties in the Privacy Act and likely complementary changes in related statutes for businesses failing to protect customers’ personal information.

It is essential that businesses not only have privacy policies that are customised to their individual businesses and that the policies are accompanied by data protection protocols, software and hardware to ward of cyber-attacks and other fraud by cyber criminals or access to vital confidential information by criminal and state controlled hackers.

At Sydun & Co we work closely with our business customers’ IT service providers to ensure that they have the best privacy policy, security protocols, software and hardware.

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In today’s internet connected world, laws governing the provision of telecommunications services are critical to providing security and fairness to users in Australia and elsewhere.

Sadly, there is still a lot of work to do to improve access to the internet that is fair for all, large social media platforms, publisher large and small and the business and private consumers.

At Sydun and Co we assist clients:

  • in disputes with their telecommunications service providers including carriers and resellers;
  • accused of breaches of the Privacy Act, Telecommunications Act and the Spam Act;
  • with defamation allegations; and
  • misleading and deceptive conduct;
  • disputes with social media platforms regarding incorrect information, including the right to remove content about them from the internet.