100% E-Conveyancing

As of 11 October 2021, New South Wales has moved to 100% E-Conveyancing. The new changes to the land titles system will transition New South Wales away from paper-based processes.

The two significant changes since 11 October 2021 are:

1. The cancellation of Certificates of Title and the control of the right to deal (CoRD) framework.

2. All land dealings will be lodged electronically on the Torrens Register by an authorised Subscriber being either a solicitor or conveyancer. That authorised Subscriber must verify the identification of their client and establish their right to deal (in the land).

The purpose of the shift is to increase efficiency, accuracy and security. Since the introduction of E-Conveyancing, there have been zero cases of fraud.

Do you have a Certificate of Title?

Under the Real Property Amendment (Certificate of Title) Act 2021, Certificates of Title are no longer considered legal documents. Similarly, Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions like banks will no longer be issued with the control of the right to deal (CoRD) being the electronic equivalent of a CT.

If you are in possession of a Certificate of Title, the NSW Land Registry has recommended that you destroy it or frame it as a memento.

If Sydun & Co currently holds your Certificate of Title and you would like to retrieve it, please contact us.

How will I show proof of ownership?

In all instances of property ownership, an information notice will issue. However this is not definitive evidence of ownership.

The Torrens Title Register will continue to provide definitive evidence as to your ownership of property.

A title search of the property with NSW Land Registry along with identification will confirm you are the registered proprietor.

Sydun & Co will now provide a title search for purchasers after settlement if requested so that you can possess a proof of ownership should you need it.

For more information on 100% E-Conveyancing, visit the NSW Land Registry website at:

As authorised Suscribers, Sydun & Co can assist with your sale or purchase of real property within New South Wales. If you would like to organise an appointment, please contact us here:

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