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Business & Commercial Laws

It can be daunting when faced with a new business proposal.

You have negotiated deal points. How can you turn this into an agreement that will protect you and prevent later disputes or disagreements about the deal. 

It is all about getting the Contract right as it is hard to imagine at the commencement of a commercial relationship that there can ever be a significant falling out, a problem with significant financial consequences for you which cannot be resolved amicably or irreconcilable points of view.

We deal with Contracts every day and can help you to create the perfect agreement for your situation.

We understand that most small and medium businesses lack the resources of larger companies, many of which have legal counsel on staff or on retainer. We believe that size shouldn’t be a barrier to obtaining high quality legal advice. Our lawyers in Sydney have spent their careers assisting our commercial clients (located in Australia and overseas) in a variety of areas ranging from startups to franchising, international distribution, sales, logistics, insurance, contracts, commercial leases (for Lessors and for Lessees), the sale and purchase of a business, acquisitions, employment, commercial and contractual disputes.

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Starting a Business

As your Sydney based business lawyer we can take your business idea, products or services and integrate them into a well planned foundation. This includes providing advice on the best legal structure for your business ensuring that all the appropriate registrations, licenses, permits and tax related documents pertaining to your business are prepared in accordance with current business law.

In addition, we help business owners concentrate on growing their business by drafting and reviewing contracts, litigation, debt recovery, trade mark applications and advising on potential intellectual property and employment issues.

Many of today’s top franchises started off as small businesses. If you’re planning to set up or enter into a franchise, you will need a higher level of professional legal advice and expertise to ensure compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct. In addition, we can help protect your rights as the franchise expands. Our legal team will help you put in the protections necessary for your business and consumers while enforcing your rights and minimising the potential for litigation.


Ongoing Business Operations

Whether your business is online,a bricks and mortar presence, or both, you can’t afford to operate your business without professional legal advice from qualified business lawyers. With the amount of competition in today’s marketplace, it is necessary to protect intellectual property, including any websites and Ecommerce operations, branding, trademark registration and copyright protection to name a few.

Knowledge of your obligations as an employer or employee, privacy laws, the pitfalls of on-line transactions and marketing are essential as is arming yourselves with suitable contracts (whether of supply or purchase) to conduct day to day trading to better protecting your business reputation and profits against cyber fraud.

For example, the apparently simple step of placing your business advertisement (whether in online, print or other media form) can land you in hot water. Whether intentional or not, your advertisement may contain misleading claims or false statements or breach advertising regulations. Contact us before starting your advertising campaign. We can provide you with legal advice that will limit your exposure by helping you prevent misleading claims and false statements to consumers. When businesses adopt a higher standard of conduct and integrity, they are better able to develop a stronger and long lasting relationship with customers.


Business Contracts

Contracts are an important part of any business whether or not your business presence is online or offline. We cover the full spectrum of contracts necessary for your daily operations from invoices and terms of trade with your suppliers to employment contracts, partnership agreements and/or consumer agreements. In turn, these raise compliance issues, tax and stamp duty issues.

Property Law

Most businesses need to operate from commercial or industrial premises which require either the purchase or leasing of property. Your business lawyer will guide you through transacting leases or property sales to ensure all parties are satisfied, and that it complies with applicable laws and statutory requirements whether it be liquor licensing or local council approvals.



In the course of operating any business activity you may well end up in a dispute. This could take the form of a disgruntled employee removing the commercial in confidence data of a company on a change of employment, a falling out between directors requiring a termination of that party’s involvement in the company or a contractual dispute. That contractual dispute could be a simple as non payment of an account or non performance of a contract term or a more complex argument based on wrongful rescission of a contract, statutory non compliance and breach of warranty or the supply of defective or non compliant product produced in one jurisdiction and distributed in another attracting both jurisdictional and contractual issues. We conduct litigation across a variety of jurisdictions including the Supreme Court, District and Local Courts, Fairwork Commission and NCAT. 

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